Leading Creative Talent helps organisations unlock ideas that transform lives

Inspiration, ideas and skills for creative talent

I loved working at the BBC and dedicated a good 20 years developing shows like Blue Planet & Top Gear and working on the creative strategy for the BBC’s biggest brands including the 2012 Olympics, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and Doctor Who.

I also developed a Creative Leadership Programme to give the BBC’s programme makers, developers, marketing and communications teams the skills to deliver the best ideas from their best talent. Eventually taking these skills beyond the BBC to clients across the globe; including national broadcasters, digital companies, independents and format houses.

I believe that the skills and tools I developed have the potential to unlock ideas that will transform lives.  I left the BBC to set up Leading Creative Talent where I have the freedom to pursue a wider range of projects and work with an exciting portfolio of big and small, media players and not-for-profit organisations.

We deliver creative excellence through sustainable, collaborative and respectful solutions for your business. Our aim is not to sell you one-off new ideas, but to transform your business through inspiration, ideas and the skills that allow you to innovate over and over again.

So whether you want to improve your idea generation, overhaul your organisational strategy to support ideas and innovation, or have an idea that needs creative coaching to make it happen, please do get in touch! I’d love to explore your creative challenges. An informal chat can usually rapidly uncover your requirements.

For an introductory conversation call today on +44 (0)7915 082028 or get in touch linda@leadingcreativetalent.com