Creative Coaching

This new field of coaching has enabled creative leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals working on new strategy and ideas, confidence, collaboration and relationship building in the BBC and beyond.

It offers one-to-one skills to develop leadership skills and emotional intelligence.

For leaders with personal change plans, who need to motivate others and build collaboration in media, communications, marketing and sales.

Goal setting: Identifying concrete, actionable and clear goals and ambitions

Emotional intelligence: Understanding personal drivers and type of preferred creative thinking styles

Leadership skills: Identifying the five leadership skills of creative leaders and which to dial up or tone down

Confidence building: Dealing with barriers, personal challenges or past experiences

Opportunities and idea development: Exploring options from different perspectives, story, character and personal preference

Managing difficult relationships: Preparing and dealing with new, emotional or difficult situations

Future pacing: Creating an enticing vision of the future and finalising the steps to implement change.

Problems you might identify with:

  • Managing complex relationships and groups
  • Resilience and motivation issues
  • Lack of personal confidence
  • Dealing with new levels of leadership and its demands
  • Feeling tired, over worked and frustrated especially with lack of change

“Linda's a star. She's incredibly thoughtful and creative in her approach - always working hard to ensure she really understood the business issues we were trying to address. She delivers innovative, intelligent yet pragmatic solutions. She's great fun to work with and really stimulating company. I recommend her highly.”

Richard Deverell

Director at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

“Linda is a superb coach and really knows how to inspire and drive people by asking the right questions and showing passion for what she does. She is the most creative person I know and she thrives on doing new things and challenging both herself and the people she coaches.”

Anna Cirillo

Juniper Networks