Creative Training

Our unique Creative Leadership Programme is based on 15 years of development at the BBC and has been proven to train the best BBC talent in creative skills, tools and techniques.

For professional creative teams across all programme making, communications, marketing, sales and media. Based on 15 years development at the BBC.

Leading insight: Skills to discern, discover and design insight to drive ground-breaking ideas. For market research, strategy and development teams.
Leading ideas: Skills to quickly, effectively discover, develop, pitch and ditch ideas.
For researchers, Aps, Development.
Leading talent: Skills to build inspired, motivated and effective creative teams ready to implement and win commissions.
For team or project leaders, senior producers and fundraising or campaign managers.

Problems you might identify with:

  • Lack of energy, interest and creation of new ideas
  • Over reliance on the leader for creative direction or solutions
  • Ideas are not feasible or workable
  • Lack of collaboration or shared work between teams
  • Lack of confidence and belief in new ideas, ways of working or approaches

“It was absolutely fantastic! This was the first time I went on a course which I thought was really rather phenomenal. A very good methodology… breaking down one’s strengths and weakenesses.”

Cassian Harrison

Channel Editor, BBC4

“Very relevant and eye opening…. A perfect balance between insights, practice and reflection”

Felicia Elisabeth Jackson

Media Director, DR

“I have been nominated for a TV award for the show I am managing and I have been developing a ‘Culture Quiz’ which is now being distributed internationally. I have achieved this thanks to the things I have learnt with Linda; which is to believe in my own idea and to get my ideas over to the team so that they believe in them as much as I do.”

Ingerid Nordstrand

Arts Series Editor, NRK

“The creative theory was great, the set up exercises were excellent… it was about how to harness creativity to get a better result out of your team which is much more useful than just a course on how to be creative.”

Kathryn Davies

Head of Global Beauty, P&G​

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