Find out why Linda's win rate is a staggering 100% for the teams she has helped to pitch.

Ranging from fast-lunch time idea generations sessions to 3 hour pitch development workshops.  

You will be able to discover, develop and deliver new ideas and prepare, persuade and perform in pitches.

Leading Creative Talent works with you to deliver winning ideas. In a complex, fast-moving world, you can no longer rely on the processes of the past to deliver to future needs.


We deliver the skills you need to make change happen.


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Problems you might identify with:

  • Lack of stand-out content or returnable ideas

  • Static revenue, market share or sales figures

  • Lack of success winning pitches in new markets/clients

  • Underachieving development teams

  • Lack of confidence in creative development and ideas

  • Underutilised customer insight, research or big data analysis

Clients include