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Are you or your teams experiencing ‘war room fatigue?

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on Leaders and effective leadership - especially for leaders who need creativity and innovation from their teams.

In the initial period of a crisis, teams tend to rally together to quickly prioritise work with high energy, purpose and impact. Following this, however, is a second phase often referred to as ‘war room fatigue’ or what developmental psychologists call 'the regression phase.’


Designed specifically for businesses that depend on creativity and innovation Leading Disruption is the antidote. It re-boots and re-energises the organisation by supporting leaders and their teams to identify the signs, remain resilient, act on opportunities, resolve challenges and lead the way for future change.

Is your team suffering from:
  • Fatigue, tiredness, sickness

  • Lack of ideas and innovation

  • Loss of purpose, drive, missed deadlines

  • Lack of engagement, often with camera & sound off

  • Avoidance, forgetfulness, lack of response

  • Changes in appearance, unusual work or email response times

Re-Boot - Leading Disruption is the answer

The 4 R’s for Leading Disruption

by the former Head of Creative Leadership at the BBC:

From working on shows such as Strictly come Dancing in lockdown, Linda has developed a virtual two-day workshop with unique tools and techniques to problem solve, identify opportunities and develop a plan for personal resilience and company innovation. 


The programme has been designed for any level of leader to recover and emerge from the disruption of the pandemic with renewed vigour.



In just two days of virtual training, the 4 R’s will deliver:

  1. A simple methodology to lead disruption: reset, resolve, refresh and reboot

  2. Leadership skills to inspire a shared vision, encourage problem solving, remain optimistic and manage stress, to lead virtually and to deal with difficult conversations

  3. Unique techniques to identify ‘war time fatigue’ and the support to combat it

  4. Personal strategies for long-lasting, personal resilience to extreme disruption

  5. An implementation plan for you as a leader, your team and organisation


Four, 1.5 hours virtual sessions over two days with 10-15 attendees.

  • Reset: a framework to reset the vision and objectives of the leader and their team

  • Resolve: creative leadership tools and influencing skills for innovation

  • Refresh: winning mindsets to recover and reignite ambition

  • Reboot: an implementation plan to refocus teams and create long-term resilience

Linda has spent 20 years creative coaching, training and leading ground-breaking innovation, including the first Digital Olympics 2012, the relaunch of Top Gear and Strictly come dancing, and innovation initiatives in organisations ranging from broadcasters, independent producers, to Coca-Cola, P&G, and charities such as, CRUK and Shelter.


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