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Leading Disruption... how to keep the show on the road?

Get your teams out of their Covid-19 burn out. Inspired by working on Strictly, ‘Leading Disruption’ delivers ground-breaking innovation, whilst rebooting leaders suffering from 'war-room fatigue';'war room fatigue' is the period following the high energy, purpose and impact-driven response to a crisis, which is replaced by lethargy, squabbling and disengagement.

Have you noticed these common symptoms of 'war-room fatigue'?

· Fatigue, tiredness, sickness

· Loss of purpose, drive, missed deadlines

· Lack of engagement, camera & sound off

· Avoidance, forgetfulness, lack of response

· Changes in appearance, unusual work times, or email response times

"This year when the Strictly team approached me to kick-start another year of the show with the dancers, the topic of discussion was the new stringent policies enforced on everyone and the need to keep the Strictly family happy, whilst guarding against 'war room fatigue' or 'regression'"

A recent LinkedIn survey confirmed my concerns, with 69% of execs considering Covid-19 the most challenging experience in their careers so far, managing pay cuts, furloughing and redundancies, many losing valued female leaders with 25% rolling back their careers and 58% finding challenges in leading teams virtually.

But we can't sit back, successful leaders are rolling up their sleeves: working even harder to hustle for new business, maintain team spirits and innovate to understand new consumer needs, create new products and find new markets. Based on these lessons of success, I have combined my unique innovation and problem-solving tools, creative leadership techniques and emotional intelligence profiling, into a simple, all-in-one, solution. In four, 1.5 hour sessions you will Reset, Resolve, Refresh and Reboot yourself and your teams.

If you are interested to find out more, then get in touch for a chat to see if I can help.

+44791 508 2028

But here's some inspiration in the meantime...

  • Reset your strategic priorities by knowing what your purpose is, why you are important now and identifying what to protect, adapt or build

  • Resolve challenges; get scrappy and dirty, it's fine at these times. Listen and open up discussion on what the challenges really are; focusing on your people, on both the professional and personal level, their emotional states and attitudes

  • Refresh yourself to be more resilient. Allocate some time for emotional intelligence work; understand your personal drivers, what your 'annoyance buttons' are, what's your preferred style of leadership (e.g. visionary, inspirational, influential or tactical) and how current situations may be challenging this

  • Reboot your teams; build a new future for them. People are driven by autonomy, mastery and purpose (Pink, 'Drive'; Goffee & Jones, 'Clever People'); so what's beyond the fire-fighting and what have they learnt which will plant the seeds for a bright future?

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